42 Ft Custom Craft -optimoitu sukellusvene.

Boat Details

Length 42 ft

USCG certified 42 Ft Custom Craft Optimized Diving Boat.

FEATURES: Roomy Decks, Tank Racks, a Wide Swim Step, and an Open-Sided Boarding Ladder.

ABOUT CAPTAIN & CREW: Our captain and crew are all expert shark divers. They go beyond to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

INCLUDES: Our charter covers the journey as well as a delicious lunch.

TRIP DETAILS: We'll be drift diving between 60 and 100 feet on various reef lines. One of our instructors will accompany you if you lack the essential skills or expertise.

Trip Details

SCHEDULE: Our three-tank trip departs around 8:30 a.m. and returns about 2:30 p.m.

Nitrox is recommended for these three-tank dives. If you're an air diver, you can make two of the three dives to the maximum of your computer limit while seeing the action.

Sharks feed on contrast, thus you must be as stealthy as possible. This means there will be no white, yellow, pink, neon green, teal, or other colors allowed on fins, masks, or gear; black is recommended. For your protection, the shark feeder gets the last word on the color of your gear!

Make sure you're completely covered from head to toe. Wetsuits with full-body coverage, hoods or beanies, gloves, and wetsuit boots are necessary. Wear black socks if you dive with full-foot fins.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you're in the middle of the ocean. There's no way of knowing what kind of sharks we'll encounter or how many. On a daily basis, we encounter a wide range of sharks in Jupiter. While we cannot promise that you will encounter sharks on every dive (since they are wild Pelagic creatures), it's possible that we won't see any sharks at all, even though the chances are in our favor.

We almost see a variety of sharks. Bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, tigers, lemon sharks, and other shark species have all been observed. Whale Sharks and Manta Rays have even been observed.

Jupiter's drift diving is unlike anything other. Even if we don't catch anything, floating the deep reefs off Jupiter is still a pleasure and well worth the drive. As the water is crystal blue and the current is manageable. Set your sights on this amazing diving experience with us if you're already certified.

Private Charter

  • Let us know your requirements and we will send you the quotation accordingly!

Shark Dive (3 Tanks) - 6h Shared Trip

  • $140 USD
  • Schedule:
    Departs: 08:30 AM
    Returns: 02:30 PM

    Included: Gourmet Box

    Note: Without a delivery fee, tanks and equipment can be delivered to the boat for you.
Ylimääräinen Matkustaja: 140 USD

Lobster/ Spearfishing - 6h Shared Trip

  • $150 USD
  • Schedule: 08:30 AM - 02:30 PM

    Nature’s harvest! NO COMMERCIAL, enjoy eating the catch!
Ylimääräinen Matkustaja: 150 USD